January 08, 2013


I went to a "starving" artist sale Sunday. Talk about false advertising. The only thing true of what I was told to find there was alot of paintings. I think they got them from painting classes. There were multiples of the same paints. 

I got there very late, but I managed to find a few nice ones. If I had the money I might have bought some, and not just for me. I know this thing happens like once a year. At least. Oddly, a guy there so I seemed to have tagged by accident kept coming back to talk to me. Shame he was black, but I still thought he was nice.

Anyway, he said that they were having the sale again next Sunday. I told him that they tv add said that it was this weekend only. He said that they wouldn't say no to making this much money.  I have a few pictures. I took all of them with my phone.  

I was expecting to see artist with booths or roped off areas. Nope. I don't even think the artists were there. But there were cashiers and framers and a few people that fixed up the paintings after people put them down wrong and alot of people were doing that. I was the only one treating them with some care that I saw other than the people who fixed them a bit and framed them. 

The biggest ones were $69 and the smallest ones were $17 I think. I like the one with the cactus for some reason. 

In other news a frying pan cut me today when I tried to clean it. 

I don't know. Frying pans aren't suppose to be sharp. :(

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