January 18, 2013

Had My Eyes Checked Today

Firstly I went by my school to pay them off for my last semester. Pulled out a little used credit card to do it, but it had to be done, I was a month behind in my last payment and two months behind on the one before that. It couldn't be helped.

While I was there I saw that they put up new drawings on the walls that you see when you first come into the school. I am very well represented there. :) I saw the big yellow thing I did for Render class. I have pics on here of it. And I saw that I had pictures of a river side house I did in Design class also. At first I didn't even recognize it.

Then when I was in in the office talking to the girls about looking for work and how my mom infected us all with the flu because she doesn't want to take the flu shot because of something that is her own reason, I saw that a smaller wall were large shots of a day care I drew up for Design class also. Design class is the only really class that you have to come up with stuff on your own where you are given a good amount of leeway. And you get semesters of it, so you can end up with six projects. Completed would be nice, but some of use don't finish them once the deadline is reached and we didn't finish.

Well after school, which I was told I was allowed to haunt once school was back in session, I headed to Manhattan to get to my appointment on time. Which I actually did. No rushing involved. I knew I could do it. I was slightly concerned when I left school later than I wanted, but it all worked out.

Now for the glasses part. I had my exam and I have pretty good eyesight. I just need something to keep me from squinting when my eyes get tired. So I got a weak prescription. I then went looking for glasses. I was kinda hoping that I wouldn't get glasses since they seem to mark the fact that I am getting old. I know. There were children in there getting glasses. And I know and happy to know, that it wasn't until I was spending a lot of time drafting did my eyes start to bother me.

I just remembered the end of my last class, which was an exam by the way. I couldn't even seen the sheet in front of me to know what I was really writing at the end. So now that I remember, I feel a bit better about getting them. I'll just use them when I need them, like I'm suppose to. :)

Well I ended up liked the frames on the bottom of the picture that I posted, but I felt like I had to ask someone what they thought of them, other than the person at the store. Tanzi my best friend, picked the ones on top. Once I got home, my mom and the cousin, who is still here, liked the ones I did. Phillys, my sister who has actually tried on every pair of frames in the store the last time we got her glasses didn't like either and said that they didn't match my face. I knew I should have taken her with me when I left.

Either way, to make sure that she doesn't harp on this later, she is going with me after work to see if I miss the pair that suit my face better. But I'm holding out hope that I still get the ones that I ended up liking by the time I left the store. After all, these are my glasses I have a right to pick the ones I like.

If I do get the ones I like it will be $118 on my credit card after the use of my Groupon. Yep. I did this through Groupon. It was $35 for eye exam and $200 in frames and lens. The frames are really $290 and the lens are $90 at that cut/size.

So... before, I said that mom infected everyone in the house with the flu. That is almost true. Only Phillys and Lynn, that's my cousin, didn't get it. So I haven't been out in a while and I stayed out taking pictures with a cam that I had fully charged for going out with last week when I was struck down. I didn't even know it was my birthday I was so out of it for a few days. I just started seeing messenges here and there about "Happy Birthday".

So I have some pictures to touch up and post. I took a bit of a number of stairs since there is this stairs contest going on over at photo club on DA (Deviantart). I got my friend to enter, so I have to get something in myself. :)

Later. :)
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