April 04, 2013

Time Spent At The Car Show


I'm back at the Javis Center with my sister and it's not for a dental convention. :) We attended the 2013 NYC Car Show. Here are a few of the ones we walked by. Most of these no one was allowed to get to close to. :)

I like the superman car more than the wonder woman one. My sister didn't think it was Wonder Woman at all. :D

We got there just before 6pm I think and stayed until closing which was 10pm. Our other sister that went on Sunday told us that they closed down at 7pm. We almost turned back when we saw how late it was getting, and I didn't think $15 a peice to get it was worth about an hour. But she was clearly wrong. I guess 7pm was there closing time for Sunday. :)

They dared to charge use $4.25 for a hotdog and a bun.My sister wanted to buy something for me, but I told her I just couldn't make her spend that kind of money on one hot dog in a bun. So she got one for herself, a pastry stick covered in sugar and some kind of friend stuffed taco stick thing for about $14.

No thank you. I got a bowl of food from Chapotel, on the way home, for under $9 thank you.

The 'show' was fun. Talked to a few guys. I wish I kept better tags on them. Oh well.

Later. :) ... and no. I still haven't gotten a job, and yes I'm still sending out resumes.
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