February 03, 2014

No Power?

(My attempt at trying to really blog again)

Today is Monday and there is a ton of snow outside. I think it's still falling. It's so heavy it was falling in clumps, like bombs, out of trees when I went outside a few hours ago.

I was sent to the doctor's for my mom to get her doctor's note and to give them her co-pay for when she visited a few days ago.

Then I went to the supermarket to get some real matches. I tried to buy some last night when we were coming home from my cousin's 'birthday party', but all but one store didn't have any more matches. Cigarettes, hookahs and cigars yes, no matches. They ran out they said. Then when I got some, it was a booklet. I've never had a booklet before. I honestly thought that I was trying to get a box of matches all this time. That is what I got when ever I brought matches before. Ever. I thought that booklets were stuff you picked up in clubs and bars for promotion. That could be why they, the store that did have any last night, just gave it to me.

So today when I was out getting pelted and face frozen, I went to the supermarket to see how much real matches cost. I got a pack of 10 for 99c. Cool. Cheep. If I had more change on me, I would have gotten the box with the longer matches since they are mostly for restarting pilot lights or lighting the oven for some reason. And that brings me back to the title of this blog.

On Friday we lost power. Around 2pm my tv and cable box went black on me while my computer stayed on. I didn't know what was going on. The kitchen still power, then my computer and iPad was saying there was no internet connect. So I go the bed room where it was and nothing is on. I was about to call our super when I hear him, somehow, through the wall that the power was out. So I thought they blew a main fuse some where. Of course it this is after I flipped the ones here in the apartment and it fixed nothing.

So after a few hours, I called him and asked what was going on. He said that the power was out in the whole building and that he had called an electrician. So I'm thinking somewhere around 7pm we would have power back. Come 7:30 or so my sister came home and asked me if we figured out what was going on. She then tells me that she talked to someone outside and it's not just our building. It's our block. ConEd was working in the street and did something. So the whole black had patch work lights going on.

Not long after that the new couple that moved in... wait, that is news I can't just glide over. That lady/girl that lived next door, who was the bane of our lives here has moved out. I'm not even sure of when, since she did it in pieces. Bit by bit she moved until one day we heard our super in the hall and we looked out to see that he was showing the apartment to a couple, and a few days later the banging started with the reno.

Now weeks later, I think the same couple moved in. So Friday, they came home and they have no power at all. I'm sure it's because they moved into a studio, but they weren't the only ones without any power. All I can say that is that whole power line situation needs to be fixed. When a building looses power, a whole building should.

I'm not saying that I wasn't happy having some lights and our fridge still powered, but it just shows how bad the wiring for this place is.

Anyway. I ended up looking for some candles for the bathroom and I had to light all of them on the stove and walk with them to the bathroom hoping that the pace of moving or my breath wouldn't out the flame.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got candles for that "birthday party" that was more like a church social, and once again I had forgotten to buy matches for them, so they never got lit. So I was set to get matches, and I have them.

I Have Matches!

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