February 27, 2014

What Am I Doing?

Tempting fate maybe?

I have levels of things I should be doing. Maybe not real levels but I have a list of things I work down when I don't want to do what is above it I guess.

I have to start sending out resumes again, but it's so defeating when they don't show that they got your resume, never mind consider you for a position.

So I'm working on my newest story. I'm about 38 chapters in and for a while I hit a writer's block, then I felt like I was getting over it, when I started to think of Inuyasha. First it was to get details for part two of the story I already wrote, then I need to find out what info I already had in the first one that would be needed in part two.

Now it has turned in a full review of the first chapter with chapter size editing. I'm up to chapter 50 I think and I think I've come up with a good scene that can work as a good new cover that a friend of mine has shown interest in drawing for me.

Oh, speaking of friends on DA (deviantart) I have been contacted by this little back in Australia that is going to use some of my fractals in their online video. They have finished the song, but there are some technical issues that they are trying to work through. That link will so be posted when it's done. :)

Other than that I haven't really doing anything with the few photos I crawled out of the house to get back when were knee deep in snow. I have like one fractal left and I don't even want to post it since I don't think it's that good, but I'm still hung up over loosing my drive from last year that had my base params.

Tomorrow I'll be spending part of the day with a friend from Ross. She has to come into town to pick up her mom from the airport and since she is coming all the way from Center, PA, she's going to make the most of the drive.

My mom and sister have been dropping off their tax forms and stuff on my desk without telling me that they want me to take them to our cousin who does our taxes for us until I asked what was going on. Now they say that they want them there this week.

So I'll see if my friend can swing by there, or I'll take them by myself. We'll see. It now has to be tomorrow because my sister who baked a cake yesterday, did up some small ones just for our cousin.

There is a much larger version that I ate some of for dinner. It has berries and custard. I personally think that the recipe that my sister used, was a little outdated. It had us roasting almonds then boiling them in milk. There is something called Almond milk that you can buy in the store now. Then we had to use that in the making of custard from scratch. Also that has been made easier. My poor arm and all that mixing.

Then when I finally got some cake with the custard and covered in blue berries, strawberries and raspberries, it was like I was eating custard porridge with bread and berries. I even liked the berries. Normally I don't like American berries, but today I did. Oh, it's very common to eat bread with porridge back home.

I'll see if I can snag a photo. I need to reset back up my photo blogging.

Well, I think I have caught you up. :) 

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