August 28, 2014

Forced to Masturbate for College Class?

This was my comment to video that you will find below.


This I'm sure was not a required class. I'm sure that there was material telling you what to expect in this class. It's not the teacher's fault if you didn't read it. And you can drop the class if you took it in error. 

Like someone said before, he didn't come up with this idea that morning. He had to get permission to have this class with a plan of what he was going to ask for and teach in it. We have one person complaining about this class. The other people even said that they knew what the class was about, which is one of the reasons why they are there.

As for this showing the depths of which the education system is sinking, that happened years and years ago when kids were being allowed to graduate high school not really knowing how to read. Talk about the injustice of being undereducated, rather than a course that consenting adults choose to attend, that want to go through this kind of experience.

As for the lady who is the cause of this lawsuit, being embarrassed and shocked isn't something to sue someone over. We are suppose to learn about ourselves when we are in college, and if this is one way some of us choose to do that, it's not your place to tell them that they can't because you believed the class was too frank about what you would be doing while attending that class. 

I see a misunderstanding, and not a lawsuit here. But then, I wasn't raised to sue people over something I could change or made a mistake in. 

I can understand how privacy is a big question here. Assignments and such need names on them so that credit and grades go to that person. It is possible to believe that the standard "writing of your name" was replaced with a number system, so he could award grades without knowing who submitted them. Was there any evidence of this? How were assignments suppose to be handed in? Was this even looked into?

Everyone in the clip seem to have jumped to the idea that everyone walked up to the desk and handed in papers and the teacher is some old guy jerking off over them in his house. I can tell you right now, that unless he has some English majors, most of what he will be reading with be dry, none story form, quick and to the point facts, and more than likely looked at as nothing more than his job, and something he has to make time for. I have tried to get people to tell me about this when they seem interested in me and it's like pulling teeth to get any real set of details out of them. Granted, these students took the class, so they might be more forthcoming, but I can also see them with a Freud book open on their lap as they themselves try to explain to him why they might be thinking such things. Like I said. He will see it as a job to be done. Not sexy time in the man cave or what have you. 

Also, what is his title? I would believe that he would have some therapy background. A doctor with a few years experience in the real world where he's more than likely heard far more than you would think. Do you think he got into the field to jerk off over class work, after seeing patients one on one for who knows how many years?


Don't get pulled in by the photo. Most of the people who left comments were. No one was forced to masturbate in class.

You can click on the video to see what I mean. It's completely safe.

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