August 12, 2014

The Other Shoe Has Dropped

I got the news Sunday night.

You may be allowed to be human and make a few mistakes in a number of other jobs, but you really can't when you are estimating a construction project.

I'm not even sure how some mistakes were made. One was really a bad over sight on my part. Another one was due to being rushed. The other project that they said I did something wrong with, I haven't a clue what went wrong there.

I hate feeling like I can't even count. But it is more than just that. It only hurts as much as it does, because I was starting to feel like I was making it. I don't think I made the same mistakes twice, and since I was leaning just about everything for the first time, I was slightly proud of myself at times.

So I went in Monday afternoon to pick up my last check and go home with Nardi. The girl that recommended me for the job in the first place.

I was just making the joke last week Friday that I pulled enough over time to be able to buy myself a new dress. Now it looks like I will have to save that for Office Management school. It's too late to start this semester, but I can apply for the winter one.

At least I got my day out before I had to think of all this.

On Sunday I went over to Governor's Island. I think I may go on Sunday once more. I'll dress better for the occasion. I looked like a disaster last time. Also, I was so late getting there, that I missed most of the events. I'm trying to shake up my stay at home body. Even if I have no one to do all this with. Why? People do stuff until they find people to do stuff with. It's just that events are just about never shown as a solo even. Everyone has friends that have the same time off to do things together all the time.

This time when I go out my cam will be fully charged and I can get some more pics. I just got a scant few of flowers, a telephone type sculpture and the Statue of Liberty. :)


I'm doing ok and I'm moving on.

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