May 18, 2015

Another day

Yawning....just checking in. Sitting on the train to take me back to New York. Went to see an apt. Well the first surprise was that google showed us the wrong house on line and what we doin looked better. It's on the second floor with slightly narrow stairs leading up. It seems like he hasn't had a tenant in a while because a number of the bulbs had to be replaced. Other than that, we had a good amount of space and a pantry. We also get the same internet and tv people there too. The down side is that there is almost nothing around us but houses and empty lots and no washer and dryer.

We walked around looking for a laundromat, and I think we found one, but it was already closed before 10pm. Yeah the ones around us now have last was anywhere between 9 & 10 pm. If they have one at all.

Even with that we would take the place. We just have to see if this other person falls through or not. We will find out tomorrow or Wednesday.

Later. Just pulled in yo Journal Square.

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