May 01, 2015

Made it

I broke one of the nose things on my glasses and it took me the whole week to get here.

First he wasn't open or he was but got here after he closed.

But I'm here now and he says that he have to replace both because they come as a set. I would like to say that it's only costing me $5, but I don't know how good that price is. I'm just happy I can pay it.

In other news I passed a black Jewish kid. He was wearing one of those little hats with a Hebrew word on the back of it. Bit after seeing a real female Korean rabbi on tv, he is nearly note worthy.

I only bring him up because I have heard of them being out there, black Jews, but I've never seen one. Well now I have.

Glasses are done. Later. I'll try to pick up phone blogging again. 😊

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