January 12, 2016

Google Gave Me A Gift

Not bad ha? I almost wondered how they even knew. Then I realized that I was logged in and even had a circle profile with my birthday filled in.

Well there I go. One year older. Don't know how much wiser. But I'm for sure older.

Since I've added more people to my Facebook, since everyone was saying we had to try and stay in contact now that mom was gone, since she was doing it herself, I got a few extra well wishes from my Canadian family.

They check in a lot. For me. For normal people I guess it's normal. I got a nice text from Tanzi. She's well in Seattle. The guys upstairs sang me happy birthday when they came to pick up Kholie. Oh, My brother and his wife called me and sang me happy birthday over the phone. That was a surprise.

His daughter's birthday is at the end of the month. I think she's turning 3.

The largest powerball is going on right now. I think it's up to 1.3 Billion. I of course got a ticket to say I was in. I don't expect to win, but what if I did? :)

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