January 17, 2016

I Didn't Win

Me and millions of others didn't win part of the $1.5 Billion power ball lottery. But I am glad to see that the winners were so spread out.

Tanzi played too along with the my sister's office. For both drawings. The one back when it was $1.3 and this one for $1.5.

I would have actually helped in fixing up Newark, at least the art district. After every bill related to my family was paid up both in the US and St.Kitts and Nevis and perhaps some Canadian ones. Our house back home would be fixed up some more, if not get a new lot and make a whole new one. :)

Yeah, If I had the money, I would build my own multi bedroom house for every one, well a large amount of use to stay at, at the same time. And no it won't be on the beach. You are just asking for flooding when you do that.

Oh well. Tuck those dreams away for another time. :)

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