April 09, 2016

Fun Filled Saturday... not quite...

Firstly, something good.

One, I got my two examples for my gallery showing to get them matted and talking about framing.

Two, $80 that I had to put on the bank, but couldn't find yesterday, I found today and I got paid my babysitting money so I now have a cool $200 to deposit.

Three, this is where it starts to change.

The showing at Jade Eatery and Lounge has ... changed. It seems that because he was gone for a week, and that I didn't go the establishment, I've lost the spot/time slot, I was told was mine. He has to check his calendar now to see when I can go, because they gave my slot to someone else. So The earliest would be at start of June. I believe.

I had written them two days ago asking for the actual date, now that I had a way to get me and the photos/fractals there in one piece. And got someone to mat and frame the photos/fractals, and kissed away over $400 in the process.

My sister said it was my fault for not saying, more clearly that I was interested, although after a number of e-mails and scheduled phone call, I thought it was clear that I was interested.

Either which way, they tell me that I still have a showing there, and it has given me a little extra time to perhaps save up for more frames. I was hoping I would be able to frame at least two. If I can get more done, then great.

Four, now is just bad news. I, sorry, my iPad was having issues so I wiped it to start back over. I did back it up, but I wasn't going to use it. I started installing one thing at a time, hoping to avoid recreated whatever it was that was giving my iPad brain damage. More or less ok so far. I won't be playing a few games anymore, but really, no loss there. I'm even letting my Villagers die since they aren't real, and I have to keep telling myself that each day.

Anyway. I was ready to put back on my fractal program. Fractile Plus. And what do I find? It's no longer in the store. It's just gone. I picked that program because it was good. It let me save the fractals in high quality. I just actually learning something new and I was working great with the program before the reset. Now it's just gone. Sure, I could apply my backup and hope that it all works, and I may just have to, to keep using this app/program. I looked up how to add back just one app from your backup, but it's something that Apple never thought of doing or couldn't be done and they haven't gotten around to making it work.

And that is just about where I'm at today. Told you it was a great Saturday for me. :)

I'm tempted to try Frax HD, but two little things are stopping me. One, I have to pay, but it's not that much, and two, it's a look I haven't really used before. It has shadows and contours that I've only brushed in Jux.

But it does have me thinking of getting an Apple gift card. I really, really, don't want to attach any money account to the app store.

On a bright note. I have one anime suggestion, for those of you who watch such things. ERASED. Just watched all of it over at Crunchy Roll. Someone else I'll have to start paying once I've cleared most of my debt.

Currently watching GATE and SHOWA GENROKU RAKUGO SHINJU. That last one had a sad ep last week or so. I honestly thought he lived longer than that.

Oh well. If you interested in a list of the anime I'm currently watching let me know. You have ways of reaching me.

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