June 04, 2010

I found internet...

and a laptop is connected to it.

It seems that the girl who doesn't like computers has one. I was so surprised she had one, but not so surprised that she has been using it for 7 or so months without an anti-virus program.

I saw it all day but I just asked to use it. She also has updates that more than likely didn't even realize were there waiting for her.

But I should get on with saying what has happened in the last 24 or so hours.

Let's see. I found a guy. Ya, and it was before I even left NY. I found him in my line for the bus ride here. I'll post his pic later. Yes, I got his pic. Shame I lost him. He has my name, and my number and I told him he could find me on face book, so I may hear from him again, but I found him like 4-7 days before he goes back to Korea. Ya, I found a very non-local.

I talked with him for a little over an hour an we laughed an were ok with each other, or I wouldn't have gotten his e-mail address and pic, but once we were on the bus it all went quiet. Yes I sat next to him the whole ride. I almost left to give him more room to sleep, but the bus was rather full, and I didn't feel like walking around on the bus while it was moving. I was hoping for a pit stop, but it didn't happen.

We got here at 6 am after leaving NY at 1:30 am.

I used the bathroom, lost the boy/guy, then found something to eat. It was a decent breakfast. I ate at Cosi. I was kinda surprised and happy to see it at the Food Court. It was in the South Station next to the trains. I only found it because I followed the guy that far before going to the bathroom. I thought that we were going to have breakfast before hanging out before my friend came to pick me up. But it didn't turn out that way. I think I sent in a message saying that. I also sent it to him so he kinda knew what happened to me if he wanted to know.

Well, I decided to look around after I ate and found the subway. It's not that big of a system. The stations are nice, some better than others, but the trains themselves seem really old to me. They didn't look like NY's ofcourse, but that is not why I said they look old.

Well, I sent my friend a text asking her if she had a car. I hadn't a clue if she had a car here or not, and I was looking at getting a pass for the transit system here. She never got back to me on that really. I walked out and walked down the street a bit while staying on the same street so I could find my way back to the station so it would easy for her to find me. I got some q-tips, took some pics and took my time with the walk and hoped that it wouldn't rain. I didn't bring my umbrella. I forgot my towel and the cake on the table. :( And here I thought that I had packed well.

I got back to the station and decided to stay there until she came for me instead of walking around or taking a bus or something to see what I could for my first day here. The bag was heavy and my shoes were starting to hurt. Then found out where her brain was, and it wasn't here. Over a week ago I started sending her messages through face book so she knew what I was doing, when I was showing up and asking permission for staying another night.

She didn't know, she said that didn't know or forgot that I was coming today. She called me just as I was going to the subway 10:15pm the night before. I then called her back once I was at Penn Station and left her a voice message that I was waiting for the bus, and that it was leaving at 1:45am and that I'll see her when I see her since I told her in the face book message that she didn't have come out and get me so early, just come and get me when she woke up and that I would just hang out in town until then.

It was after I told her where she could find me when she was ready to come and find, she called me back and asked me when I got to Boston. I some times wonder how she gets on at work.

Well, she said that she would take too long to come and get me and that I should come to the house and no, she didn't have a car. I was here in less then 30 mins. Once I got her directions. This is when I realized how short the subway is. She was kinda surprised that I found my way there rather easily. I don't expect her in NY anytime soon, but then she said that she doesn't like big cities.

Well, I think you saw the pic of inside her house. It's nice. It wasn't what I expected and the ceilings are low, but I'm not that tall, and I don't have to get use to it much. She showed me around. She is very proud. She had done alot of work on the place. She said when she walked into this house it was stuck in time. She had to pull down wallpaper from all over the house, she had tile put down in rooms, she had all the rooms painted n nice colours. Orange, yellow, blue and such. She had her basement finished up today along with the closet in her bedroom.

I got some oj and an english muffin and then I got tired and went to take a nap in her room. Oh, ya. I was told that I would be getting to use her guest bedroom while I was here and I get here and find out that it was being used. Some family member is staying with here with her little baby boy and she is like 4 months away from having another child and I think the baby is just over a year old. I won't say anymore about that. She is not my family for me to be talking about her.

Well I was taking my nap and my friend came and woke me up and I found out I fell asleep on my tummy which hurt my back, but she wanted me to go with her to the hair dresser. I got an apple before we left. Her sister and her friend came by and her friend had the car and drove us there.

I don't really think that I want her friend to drive me anywhere again. I can say this because she held my life in her hands and I'm very grateful that nothing happened while I was there. She drove most of the time with just one hand. At times she had no hands on the wheel. How can you people do that? Then she was talking on the phone and looking away from the road. And This was done in a hard down pour that flooded streets and downed trees because of how hard the rain fell.

I really hope that she isn't asked to drive us anywhere again if so I will have to say something, and she may not like me after that, but I will like to go home alive.

Well we got back, wet and alive and with out a dent, and my friend did this odd thing about not getting out in the rain with her newly done and cut hair. She's still gushing over it. I'm not sure if she can pull off the younger look, but she get's the childish act down. Annoyingly. I'm remembering everything that I forgot about her.

You know, you meet someone, you get a feel for them, but over all you seem to like them, then time goes by and for some reason you decide to hang with them again and you remember what you should have to have thought twice about spending time with them. She likes me and over all she is a good person, I just for got how she is at times.

Well, where was I? Ya, the rain. Well, we in time made it inside. I got wet, but I also got some food. Some pepper must have spilled onto my plate, because at one point I couldn't breath. And it was just after I told her that I didn't want any. I told her friend that for a number of years I grew up fearing scotch bonnets. That's a pepper incase you didn't know.

So I was up until 8 when I had to to bed again, but this time I got a gift. The girl who is staying here decided to go somewhere for a while. She said that she will be back on Sat. Great. I get a real bed for the two nights I'm here. I'm not sure what time on Saturday she will be back, but at least I won't be sleeping on the couch.

Well, I'm up again as you can see. I was very happy to sleep until the morning but she came and work me up around 11pm I think. She was lonely I think. She's gaga over her cat, who now does not lay next to her on the couch and she wanted me to look over something she wrote to a guy. I not sure what that is all about. I can't follow how she thinks too much.

But tomorrow, today actually, should be a bit better. She are suppose to hang out and see places and catch a movie. We won't be really able to hang out on Saturday either it seems. I found that out that by reading her message to the guy. She said that she had to work, but earlier she didn't say anything when I said that we didn't have to do anything today since we had Friday and Saturday to do stuff. So I may be on my own for that day. I'm not sure how that day is going to work out yet. I didn't want to take my bag with me until I was going to catch the bus home and I may not have too. I'll see.

Well, she has been asleep for almost an hour now I think while I type this whole thing up. I will not be reading this over. I know I suck, but I want to get back to bed, but I can feel that I'll be reading until I fall asleep. I'm kinda a wake now, but I can't sit on this computer until she realizes that she should be in bed.

Besides, I should let this thing install it's last update then get back to my kinda nice and finish up her pretzels while I wait. :)

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