June 04, 2010

He got back to me

Somewhere along the lines of communication he ended up on my blog instead of on my phone.

I sent the same message about loosing him at the station to him and the blog at the same time. When he replied it ended up on the blog. That's the first time I've seen that. Maybe he saw the e-mail address and that he could send me a reply there.

So since this has already been up for so long and I'm sure is cached somewhere I'm just going to have it make sense now. If he wants me to take it down I will.

say hey

hey, sorry about that, I left w/out saying any goodbye...coz i'm kinda tired of my luggage and want to get to the hotel as soon as possible...anyway enjoy your trip :) I'm on my way back to NYC.

So see? He isn't a bad guy after all. And here I thought he ditched me because he could read my mind. :) I'm not confessing to anything.


(the date you see on this post is when he sent it. I added the bits around it on the 6th of June at 3:47pm.)

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