June 01, 2010

My Luck Has Already Peaked It Seems

I got my tickets at $8.50 and $6 each, and that was it. Rain is coming in and will make the next few days very wet. Then another day was tacked on to my visit so I could get the $6 return ticket. Then I started saying up till sunrise on a fluke. The first day I had an upset stomach and lying down doesn't help and even makes it worst.

The next day I just ended up staying up late since I woke up late. Then last night my sister came in here asking me for help with a few things. Computer things. When that was all done, it was once again sunrise, but I didn't get to crawl into bed until just before 8am.

Now, today as I wake up I find out that my cycle is here. This is where I saw the last bit of my luck starting to fade. I thought I picked this week to go to Boston because it was before my cycle. That it would be warm by now. The days were chosen because it lined up with her days off.

What else is going to go wrong? I now fear for my luggage on this trip.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I won't be taking my laptop since it's keybo0ard is messed up. So I won't be packing it and the USB keyboard for the trip to make myself even more of a target.

Now I'm starting to feel the pain from my cycle and it's started to rain. Great, just great.

At least my whole week wasn't a wash. I got some writing done on both my stories. I helped put up a new screen in the bathroom and I paid some bills to reduce some of the debt that is under my name.

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