February 02, 2011

Just saying hi. :)

I have been almost keeping normal awake and sleeping hours. :) Almost. It's 8:50 am now and I've already eaten a bowl of cereal. :) And woke up before that. I've picked my classes, but I'm ordering my books today. I keep forgetting or putting it off for some reason, which is odd, since I went the day I did to make sure that I wasn't late in buying them and having them reach me late.

That Story Daddy's Assistance is done. I posted the last chapter, 37, on Friday. It was received rather well. One of my readers was a friend who had her birthday around that time and asked me to do a story for her that lived in the same place as the other one. Same school, same town, even see if not talk with one or two of the guys from Daddy's Acceptance. :) She is very happy about it. :)

I watched this Asian drama called 'Down With Love'. I found so by accident. I started watching it on youtube, then I saw that a fan club got their hands on it and had full length eps. So I tracked them down and I spent like two days watching the rest of my way thought it. By the time that had happened and had already fought for like 4 days to see up to ep 9 before I couldn't do it any longer. I kept pausing to read what was being said, took screen shots and I got up to do stuff in between. Like wash, clothes, dishes and myself. Smile 

I will post something about the drama. I started to like 3 days ago and got side tracked. Sorry.

Now I'm going to finish watch a movie that I found when doing a search for yaoi movies. The one I picked out of the list I was shown somewhere, was historical. Old Korea I think. It's called 'The Frozen Flower'. At one point I think I did see part if it somewhere, somehow.

Oh well.

Later. :)

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