February 16, 2011

My fun class once again is computer class. :). I'm on my way home and I caught the early bus this time. :). I went in early to do some draying and ended up reading my chapters for perpective class and trying something. I left it in the class, but it was only when I was leaving the building did I think that I should have taken it with me to scan for DA. I might find it there tomorrow. :). It turns out that I didn't need the book for autocad class. I guess that I was just being ready, but it looks like I may not use it after all. The teacher said not to get it. A week after I got it of course. :). Well, like I said on the way home now. At least I'll have autocad at home to "play" with. :). The teaher is going to give us links for the student version of the program. :) Later.

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