February 10, 2011

The Horror Story Behind My Texts.

This lovely woman asked me what was wrong with me in question to my last two text messages that I posted earlier this week.

I didn't want to go into this before, but since she asked and cares, I wrote her an answer and decided to share it. I'm trying to put this behind me, but it's something that I should blog.

So here is the short of it. There are other little details, but like I said, I don't want to deal with this anymore. I repeated this to three people over the phone at my bank. Two people in person at my bank. To another marketer that got my number from the first people to try and sell me the same thing again, at a more reasonable price. And I think I told one friend some part of it. My mom doesn't want to hear me say it again after my visit to the bank, I haven't talk of it again.

So enjoy the tale.

I called up that company that took $87.13 from last year Nov, and complained that I hadn't been reimbursed and I didn't get a product from them to keep my money in the first place. So the person on the phone said fine, I'll put that in your file or add this to it or fix it.


The next day I get an e-mail telling me thank you for my purchase from them. I didn't want to get into another fight so I let it go for the day. If I got anything I would just send it back.

But no. My bank calls me and tells me that they were taking money out of my account. Not just one amount, but twice. Totaling $90.


My day. Shot! Then I waited to see if it was wrong. Maybe it was suppose to be a refund but for some reason it was reading wrong. Two days later it was gone and I still had my money.

I called my bank and had them deactivate my debit card. I figured, if the card was inactive they couldn't take any money out of my account.

But I was wrong. Poof! Gone in two more days. Another day shot. And on top of that, I had moved most of my money from my checking account to my saving account. I just forgot that I had this overdraft protection thing.

If I didn't have enough money in my checking to cover a charge. They would take the money from my savings and charge me $10 for the service.

I forgot it was there. I just upset that it went through. I didn't care that it was covered do much. It was noted on my account that they were not to take any money but to put money in. But they used that lovely 3 digit code that I gave them and once it was good, it's always good it seems.

So if they want, they can just keep taking money out of my account if they want too.

So On Tuesday I walked into my bank and signed something saying that if they get any requests on my debit card that I can't cover, it does not get honored. No coverage nothing. They get told I don't have the money.

That is what happened.

Oh, the bank won't or can't do anything about this last time. I don't know why. As far as they are concerned, I gave them (the people) permission, at one point, to take money from my account and they can't stop them. ....I am trying not to scream at this ... yet again.

But for some reason... breathing slower... they will contest the first charge of $87.13 for which I got nothing for, but the second time they can't do anything about really, because it's beyond 60 days. Where the 60 days cut off came from, I haven't a clue. But I first person I talked to, in person, at the bank, didn't know about it, because as far as what he was telling me, my money was gone. It was never coming back. Hope it doesn't happen you to again. .....

I'm stopping now. I just have to....

How was your week? :)


  1. omg.....why won't you sue their asses off??? i can't fucking get what they were thinking when they did that.....assholes....

    i'm sorry to hear that your week was that bad...:( *hug*

  2. I would have to find them first.

    I forgot to mention that. I tried calling them. I had three numbers which let me be in contact with them before.

    But none of them worked the day I saw the word pending next to the amount they wanted from me.

    One of them all out said that it was disconnected. Yeah.

    At that point, I thought that I was the last bird they plucked before going to ground. I dialed all three for hours. Nothing. No one.

    Now I'm to afraid to call them again and loose even more money. But with that signed thing in place I guess I'm kinda safe now. But I thought I was safe before too. :(

    Well I'm going back to bed now.

    Thanks for the hung. :) *hug right back*

  3. ohh, i understand...

    yeah, this kind of shit can ruin a day......

    i hope they won't get away with it....