March 17, 2011

testing, one, two, three, testing..

(That didn't last long. Ok, I have to find another way to get that to work for me)

This is purely a test.

Ok, that first one didn't work...Let's see if this does.

It does.

Now I just have to work on a smaller size.


Guess I have to blog now.

Well, week 5 has just finished for me at school. So I've done my two exams. Two weeks back we had a quiz for the exam I had tonight. And a week ago we had our 5th week exam a week early for my auto cad 2 class. It was only afterwards did I found out that it was just worth a lousy 10 % of our over all grade.

I'm once again the unofficial TA for the computer class which has now made me shoe in be the one to work with, on my side of the room, for when we are given our projects. And that lovely thing will be 50% of our grade. Great.

As for the class that I had tonight. I consider it good so far. It's my estimating 1 class. I wish that I had studied more for the quiz, which would have helped me more for the exam, but I put a .. good... decent...go at studying. I feel like I knew just about all the answers except part the last one, unlike my quiz where I felt like kicking myself for not knowing so much.

There is one part that I wasn't all that sure about in the exam, but even now I can't bring myself to looking up the answer because I can't change the answer I gave him. I'm such a chicken.

I like my first class of the week. I was abit upset at myself for always saying that I couldn't draw, and it seemed that I just needed to try. Alot, with some encouragement. Which I got none of last semester in my Intro to Design class. Which I'm sure he'll say wasn't his job.

And that brings me to my Tuesday class. My detailing class. I have the same teacher again from my intro to design class. I knew he was teaching this class, but when the classes I planed to take were in conflict I had to pick something else. At the time, I thought this was fine. I so forgot he was teaching it. I have been kicking myself since the week before class stared.

He is ... I can't mentally survive him two classes in a row. I knew that when he told me what his other class was. I was going to take it next semester. And now I have two classes that I have to do drawings for. I don't think he hates me yet, but this has made me think of asking what my other classes will be about before I pick them. You know, giving myself a bit more time to think about things I didn't know.

I should manage to live through this semester. I thought about dropping the class 3 out of the 5 times we have had classes. But I'm still there.

I'm thinking of going out tomorrow and or Saturday. For what? To track down a Duane Reade that has as soap that they have on sale in stock. :)

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