March 17, 2012

Better than I Thought

There should be a picture below showing you some ear buds that I got like 3 days ago. I hated them. They hurt my ears, always felt like they were falling out, even after I jammed them in there and the sound was all base. You couldn't really hear the singer most of the time. So on the second day I got some $1.99 ones until I could get them exchanged. Amazing they fit my ears much better. 

But anyway. Today I took those things back and the guy agreed to change them for $10 ones since I didn't have the box the others came in. I didn't want to try the Coby for some reason. Like I had some kind of bad suppressed memory, so I ended up picking these. 

They are great. They fit into your (my) ears really well. Nice soft tips and I got the different sizes. The other one said that they had, but none were in the box. 

Well, they fit in your ear so well, that they dim most of the noise around you, so if you just want to mute some of the racket around you but still here what is going on, these are good. I wanted red since I had kinda put myself out on that limb with the other ear buds, so this is what mine really look like. Now since they are Gumy, the colour is Raspberry Red. :) 

Since they are only $10 I think I may now have a buy worthy brand. :) Now to see how long they last. The ones that I'm replacing lasted me for over a year and a half. I think I got them when I came back from Philly. I also think they were $20 and I got them at Radio Shack.  

Well night. :) 

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