March 03, 2012

Still Up

I know, I've been awall, but I haven't had much drive to do much. As my first project for my Design 2 class will prove. I'm so behind in doing that. But I wasn't feeling well and my mom got a new computer and that had to get set up before I could use it.

I felt like I was a little a head of some of the other students, but when I was working on it in Autocad to get my floor plans as done as I could before getting parts for and working on my model, I realize that my building is bigger than the lot it's suppose to sit on. I don't know if I can fix it before then. So I'm ready to fudge one or two things so that it isn't seen. I'll loose a point, or 5 over it, but I'll still have a good grade for it and I'll have the other two projects to help cover it for my over all grade.

In other school news, I had a driver. His wife called me the other woman, playfully, but we were just friends. Well I would like to think so. We laughed, helped each other out with school work. We had health juices together. We talked about stuff and he gave me rides home.

That was last semester. He has slowly been disappearing from school and my life. I haven't seen him in a week now. I don't take it personally. He has a demanding job, and a life. I just wish for a text telling me what is going on other then having to text him myself to find out and feel like I'm butting in. I guess I can't keep many 'friends' for long.

My other classes are going fine, and I don't expect to have issues with them. If I hadn't dropped a class three semesters ago this would have been my last semester. And it would have worked out with my finaid too, but as it stands, that kinda ends this semester. So I will have to do something to earn money for my last 'semester'. It feels odd calling it that since I'll just be doing one or two classes. If I have the money I'll take an extra class,

Ok. None school wise.

I started writing another story before school started, and I'm still kinda at it. I'm at a stand still now. For a number of reasons, but I haven't stopped. Just paused.

I've posted the complete pdf's of two of my stories over at DA. (Deviantart)

My sleeping is shot. I've been going to sleep at sunrise since school started. I've managed to survive, but I'm going to work and get that under control so I can go into school early and do some reading home work and drawings before class starts. I may be staying up that late, but I know that anything I do after 2am isn't worth dirt and doing stuff over twice because of dumb mistakes sucks. Btw, this is the first time I've made a building too big. So I don't know if there is a fault outside of myself or if I'm over looking something.

Either way.

I found a new anime to watch. Natsume Yujin-cho. I found it on It's like xXxHolic. As in there is a boy that see's demons.From there it's a new story. Here is a link so you can look at it yourself.

One reason why I've dragged myself here is because an old friend called me up. I'm surprised and happy that we are still calling up each other. I'll have to call her up first one of these times. I think about her but I just feel like I have nothing to talk to her about. Yet when she called me we did. Oh well.

Ok, that should be enough for now.

Oh, I have to look for model parts and a book, and .. there was something else..... 

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