March 14, 2012

Just a little update

I got tired of signing out of my Google account that was attached to my blog and into the one for my mail, so I invited myself to co author on all my blogs. I can't change what I posted in the other account, and I might not be able to do it the same from the other side, but at least I can blog now.

This two google account thing goes back like 5 years almost. I didn't know that they were all linked or I might not have made them separate.

Either way. I was very happy to see my first exam score today. I wasn't happy with myself when I was done taking it. But now I know I had like the second highest. But what can I say? We only have 10 people in my class. :) One of the smallest classes I've been in since starting this school.

Oh, my name is on the graduation list for some reason. Since I have to come back for one lass next semester, I was surprise to fine it on there.

So unless I really mess up, or can't get the money for that last semester. since my finaid via PEL run out this semester, I'll have my Associate Degree in Architecture.

I will have my piece of paper soon it seems. Do I feel like I've really accomplished something? No? Do I feel ready to join the field? No. But I still have to do it.

I have been doing well in my Rending class. I'll have few more drawings to post soon. Like the last two, they will over at DA (deviantart) I only had like two to post last time, but I will have three if I scan them this week. 4 if I wait until next week. I was slightly impressed that I'm doing so well.

You forgot that my blogs did 180 turns didn't you?:)

Well my first project for design class wasn't that great. You saw something it below. I need to finish my floor plans, do two sections and make a touchable model. The digital thing you see there, is just to sow the sides of the buildings/elevation. And roof top view.

So it's incomplete, and I was thinking of getting it ready to show this week, but I couldn't find alot of what I wanted to make it with or from. We were told to make it 1/8" scale, but I'm having a hard time finding model things that are that small. So I will have to order them on line so there is no where I can get it done when I first wanted. So I will just have to turn it in one week from the end of the semester since my finial project is due at the end of the semester.

Ok, I have to go do something. ... android related. 

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