June 04, 2013

You Can Buy Prints

Yes. You can buy prints of my photos and fractals.

You have been able to do it for a while over at Deviantart - DA Store

But now I have a new place. I just realized that I was suppose to find a place where you could get them on odd or interesting things. Like tees, as in tee shirts. :) Oh well, perhaps next year if no one asks before them.

The new place is over at Fine Art America - My Profile Page

I'm still building it, so it's not as full as the one over at DA.

Now, I know that DA can and does ship everywhere, I'm not so sure about this new place, but I believe they respect the size of my photos and fractals a bit better. :) So there is a reason for both at this time.

If you are wondering what photos and fractals I'm talking about, look over to your left and you will see a slide show. They are all mine. :)

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