March 01, 2014

Spring is coming and so are sun outages.

Have you gotten an e-mail like this from your cable company?

This is the first time I'm getting one, never mind hearing about it. So I'm sharing.

Oh, if you live in the tri-state area and you have Optimum as your cable/phone/internet company and you haven't gotten this notice, you may need to check your account to make sure they have the right e-mail address for you on file. :)

Between February 28 and March 8, you might notice a very brief interruption in TV service due to sun outages. In the spring, as the sun's path across the sky gets higher each day, there are times when it goes directly behind a TV satellite and its radiation overpowers the satellite's signal.

TV service will be interrupted for only a few minutes and will come back automatically. These outages won't affect internet or phone service, but may affect DVR recordings.

Since sun outages are a natural occurrence, there's nothing we can do to prevent them. However, we can let you know what channels will be affected and when.


This could by why we lost internet, tv on demand, and phone for a few minutes for a few days in a row. I'm also willing to believe that they were doing fixes too. Anything that doesn't point to me loosing it at all would be a nice excuse. :D

In other news, I have made fractals. :D

Check my DA page. :)

Ok, night.

Oh,... I forgot one thing. My grand mother isn't feeling well and a few people think that her time is coming. So my mom who was planing on going to Hawaii to see my brother with my half sister from Canada is delaying the trip. My mom is all for going, it's my half sister that is having a problem with traveling at this time.

My grandmother helped raise her, so she is attached to her, which is understandable. I just don't see why she would put off the trip. She goes away for work in few days, but I heard that she would come back... for what I'm not sure.

My mind doesn't quite do that. She can't do anything. She can't make her live any longer. She sees her on a very regular bases. It's not like she lives states away and she wants to go see her before she passes a way. She's over 90. The thought of her passing should have been something that she should have been thinking of for a while.

I can also get that she wouldn't want to be away trying to have a good time and then getting a call that she died, but ... now I'm starting to feel like I'm saying something mean. But life goes on.

I can say this. When I'm dead, I'm dead. I won't know what on earth is going on. You could turn me into a statue that is placed in Central park, or burned and scattered me into your garden. I wouldn't know. I can't move in my grave, I wouldn't know anything to turn in my grave. Save your flowers, and your money. Do a nice ceremony for the living and bury me in a pine box without anything fancy on.

People loved me when I was born naked and I'm not going to get dressed up for an event I won't hear comments from.

Now some of what I think is coming out of the same church that my grand mother attends. SDA. We believe that when you die, you die. You know nothing. It's done, it's over with. If you want to give us flowers, let us have them while we are alive to enjoy them. Cry, miss us, but go on with your lives.

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