March 19, 2014

I've Started Again

I've stared to read through ads and send out my resume again. I'm planing on going to WorkForce 1 for a mass interview on Friday, but even though they say that, I just expect to be sitting in a room filling out forms with about 20 other people at least and not seeing anyone from the companies.

Either way I need to wash my hair and scrub myself down. I haven't left the house in ages and I needed a bath.

I've also looked into starting to sell my photos again. I've officially run out of money. So I'll see about start up funds. I need to sell my stuff in person at showings and perhaps on a nice street some where... either way, I need money to print a few and to frame a few.

I woke up way early today and I made some tuna salad and the can cut my finger. My luck.

I've also cracked open my current story and started that up again. My readers will be so happy. In case you didn't know, I stopped to do a read over and slight edit of and older story that had 93 pieces to it. I say pieces because some of them were way short. Less then a page. So I combined most of them into longer chapters and ended up at 48 I think.

DA also has this thing of using some new feature over at Google to show better stats of who is viewing our page. I thought it was part of DA at first, but even after I found out that it was housed off site, I still gave it a shot. Not happy with it yet, because no one came by or it's taken back the four that I got this morning after posting my newest photo. Either way, I'm giving it a week. If I still don't like it, I'll ditch it.

Well, enjoy your day guys... oh, I did forgot something.

My mom is heading to Hawaii. She's off to see Tito, my brother, his wife and her grand daughter. I hope she has fun. If I could have gone, I may not come back. The warmth would be too good to leave again. And it's part of the US so I can live there, and get my citizenship there if I managed to get a job, since I just need to pay for it. I'm a little worried about the questions about the US that they might ask me, but if I have to take it twice then so be it. :)

But that's enough dreaming for now. I have to contend with my sister's fiancé almost moving in while mom is gone. They did it last time, when she went to Canada. It's bad enough that he's here until 3am if not later.

We have no space and I'm not up for sharing any of it with someone who isn't blood. They are suppose to have moved out by but no. ... I won't get into this.

I can have a good day with out thinking about it.

Later, and thanks for stopping by.

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