March 29, 2014

T is for Tumblr

I have an account. Actually I think I have two. One was just to get me in to see porn, like most people. But then I saw a lot of people over at DA using it to expose their art to other/new people. So I thought of doing this with my fractals.

So now I'm working forward, but form the beginning.The first post I put up, was the first fractal that I posted on DA. Then we/I moved on from there. I just posted my 4th one I think. I'm trying to do one a day. I have 14 pages to go through so I shouldn't catch up with myself for a while.

I said 'go through' instead of 're-post', because at this time, I don't think I'll be posting all of them. I've already skipped a few since I no longer thought that they were that good anymore. I may double back one day and include them, but as of now, I'm going to be cherry picking.:)

So here is the link - A Tilted World

In Other News.

Mom came back. I know, you weren't aware that she wasn't here. She left last Thursday to see my brother in Hawaii. She was suppose to come back yesterday night, or morning, but it got delayed and she couldn't get a connecting flight for like 12 hours, so she had to rebook for the next day. Since the delay was on their end I'm sure she didn't have pay for it.

Yesterday I answered an ad for a Front Desk Patent Coordinator, at a dental office over in Great Neck. I had to revamp my cover letter to list some additional things that they asked for and that took me longer than expected. Then I forgot to look up what that job normally paid before giving them a number for the salary I would have liked. I was so, so, so below what it was, that they won't call be back because they will believe that I can't do it, because I'm so unaware of what the job would entail, even though they said that it wasn't required to have been in the field before.

The day before, I think, I went to a Golden Crust branch to see about this casher job that they had a sign up for in their window. I was less than impressed. My sister had seen the sign and told me about it since she refuses to have a flexible schedule, and will not work on Saturday. Sunday I haven't a clue, but I'm sure she'll say no to that too. So this was my first time seeing this place. Then someone else was there to asking about the job. We had to write our names down in a book and list things like our name, address, phone number and age. And it wasn't a dedicated book either. It had odd numbers in it and was it folded over and bent in all kinds of ways. I didn't hear everything they told her, since she was ahead of me, so I just copied what she wrote.

My hand froze when it had to write my age. I've very rarely said my age, never mind written it down, so for me to understand that I was 37, it was a bit of a shock. I thought about lying and saying that I was just 30, since the girl ahead of  was a young 22 with two kids, one already 4 or 5. So I wrote that I had no kids next to my age instead of laying about my age.

The whole thing felt pear shaped and I felt like it was a waste of travel money since my sister could have written down my name for me when she was there the day before.

Either way... up to today, well yesterday now.

My sister had a request for making some baked puff pastry deserts that were stuffed with french crapes and poached pears. So she asked me to do the pear poaching this morning since they needed to be chilled before use. So I got up or stayed up, I'm not sure which one, until like 10am, maybe 9am, and put them together. I think I had to clean the kitchen first. Yeah, I didn't touch that many dishes while mom was gone and my sister and her kid just added dishes to the sink more than anything.

So I cleaned up before I started, even whipping down the stove as much as I could before getting the pot ready. Poached pears are really simple.

Get a pot and fill it with 2-3 cups of water. It depends on how much fruit you have and if you want to save the liquid for something else. But it has to cover your fruit to make sure all of it get's cooked, never mind evenly. :)

For that amount of water you will need about 3-4 cups white sugar.

8-10 whole cloves.

You then put that on to boil while you peal, halve and pit the pears. I had 5 pears I believe. Bosc pears. It took me longer to do all that to them while the pot was on, so I turned it off until was almost done then turned it back one so it was simmering when I ready to put them in.

Now the recipe said to cook them for 10 mins. My sister has believed this to be a lie. If you like to really bite into your deserts, go for it, but we like ours cooked. So we let them simmer in the liquid until they are cooked through but not mush. Firm but cooked. I then turned off the pot and left them be.

Now I turned to my breakfast. I looked around the kitchen and saw a pancake mix. All it asked of me was to add water and since it was living up there for forever, I fingered that it's time had come. It was a little clumpy and the bag on the bottom of the box broke from the constant heat it received from the toaster oven that was just below it.

But it came out well. I added some blue berries from the fridge and some slightly crushed walnuts from on the table. They were on the table crushed, I did that so they could be spread through out the pancakes better.

Then I made some ... omelets? They were the flattest ones that I have remembered making ever. Well that all went on a plate and I scooped out some of the poached liquid and used it as my syrup. It was great. I wish I had more egg, but it felt like it was going to be a good day for me, and so far it has seemed that way.

Night guys. Well, good morning. :)

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