March 05, 2016

In other news...

I had a run in with my mandolin and now trying to touch type with one finger taped up.

I surprised myself with the new sets of swear words I was able to come up with as my night progressed from there. I just thank every thing that I got a cut ointment and pain reliever last weekend.

I sliced off the top/dome of my nail off my longest finger on my right hand. I will no longer complain when someone is complaining about some injury they have gotten some how in some show or movie. Granted, I wasn't that unmoved before considering the pain of my cycle, even if I did just consider it the monthly curse that I just had to live through.

I wanted to get some typing done this weekend, starting tonight, but I can't even do both touch typing and hunt and peck very well. Can you touch type with your left and hunt and peck with your right?

Granted, it seems to be getting better now. Maybe tomorrow it will be better, but I'm not looking forward to pulling off this band-aid when I wake up to put one more ointment.

At least I was able to finish cooking dinner. Like most of my meals, it looked pretty good, but a little under-salted, and I take less salt than most people. :)

Well, I'm here and trying to find a little job somewhere to help with bills and still be able to be here for the little girl upstairs after school. I'm also looking to get my photos and fractals into showings and post more of them on other sites outside of Deviantart.

I have an odd Tumblr art thing going, and I'm adding to mine Fine Art America account.

That reminds me I have something else I can do, even with my crippled hand,

Well Enjoy your weekend and be careful of mandolins.

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