March 10, 2016

I Have.... News?

It was good news, then it turned into not so great news, but I might be able to work with it.

First these guys.

Jade Eatery and Lounge

My friend got me thinking of looking on line for art calls since I'm actually going to try to really promote and sell my work. I then found one and it was only up for like 3 hours when I answered. At first I thought I was in, then I wasn't sure, but I sent an e-mail anyway since I was told to contact this person about the showing.

We have exchanged a few e-mails since then, and it seems like they like my work, I sent them a link to my on line portfolio, and I'm the only one going to show my work at the time. Just now I wanted to see how the space was, since they said that I would have to have at least 15 pieces and that is how I got the link up top. And no, they aren't going to help with printing or framing. So I have to find that money myself. Since I was doing this to get money, I was really hoping they would at least split it with me.

I have sent back a few questions, one being, if they would take a cut of any sales I might make and if so, how much. I think it's a fair question. If the answer is yes, and it's too high, I will have to turn it down. The showing isn't until mid April then run for a month I believe. So if I have to pull out, they have time to find someone else. But I want to do it, even if I have to max out my $400 credit card.

I just feel that $400 may not be enough to print and frame 15 pieces. And if I do make it, what if I don't sell anything?

Am I worried? Of course. But not as worried as I feel I should be since I haven't committed myself to anything yet. I thanked them for picking me, and I'm asking them questions, but I have yet to agree to the showing. When I answered their call, I was being picked. I know I can still walk away.

So now I'm waiting for their answer. Which I should get back by tomorrow night. Other than the two days it took for them to get time to flip through my little portfolio, the emails go back and forth like once a day.

Yes, you may wish me luck.

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