August 07, 2017

Good news...

I'm still losing weight. 😊

Yeah, at the doctor's again. But I am told that I have to go toa all my other things. Like a mammogram, and pap smear, sleep apnea testing, nourishanist, and physical therapy. Then they will see about another round of blood work.

My pressure is a little high, but not by much. I'm little anemic. They said I was also pre diabetic, but all this is from that blood work I took a while back, not included my blood pressure. That they take every time I show up and this is the 4th time I think.

He did applaud me for the weight I was losing and said if I keep it up, the other things should go away too. And the next set of blood work will show that.

So, the whole thing that started this off, the icy hot, is just going to continuously hurt me until it completely out of my system in another 3 to 4 months.

I know, it's all my fault to have stopped moving be for I got this job. But to my credit, that is one of the reasons why I got a job, to make myself move again. I just think think all this pain and agony would go with it.

Because of that agony, I almost didn't come today, but I just couldn't flake on I and I thought that u might be able to get one of the others off my list too, if not set up appointments for them. But it's so late now, and I wanted to go buy some carrots to bake with the chicken.

Speaking of what goes in my mouth,, I have to lay off the Halls. 😒 They have too much sugar for me for how I have been using them. So now I have get some sugar free mints for me to suck on. My sister isn't going to like this. She has to stop taking as much too.

I pushed myself alot at work Saturday and Sunday. I felt like I was letting the pain wear me down and I didn't want to feel like I didn't want to be there, so I did cheer myself up a bit and getting my new shoes helped, but that doesn't take away the pain in my feet at the moment. I had to trap my aching feet into these cold weather boots because it is kinda cold and raining alot out there.

I also realized that I am little stressed about applying for citizenship. It's alot of money that I have to charge to my card and with what is going on with ICE lately, I don't feel so great now. But I will be finishing up the paperwork tonight so it can be mailed out tomorrow.

Ok. Later.

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