May 24, 2010

Shame on me

I had found $1 to go and $1 to come back from Boston tickets, but I waited until now to buy them thinking that it was the time slot that had the price and not that those priced tickets could get sold out.

So there I am, on line, looking around at everyone else, then feeling happy I had found the $1 fare and went over to get them since I'm going next week, and what happened? Nil. The best I found was $12 and I don't even think it was on the day I wanted.

I am not happy. :( If my friend wasn't expecting me, I would put off going until they had $1 tickets again. Just great!

In other news, I was rather busy on Saturday.

But firstly, I'll like it to be known that the desktop is now working again. I know, you don't care, but it's news for me. Mom was starting to really hate the laptop because Nika had damaged the plug port for the monitor, so every time it shifted or something, the monitor would go blank.

So my replacement mother board showed up and I called the guy over to set it up for me. I know, I'm the computer girl, but I am really the computer software girl and at times, I'm not even a full expert, I'm advance intermediate.

So he came over, set it up and plugged every thing in correctly, then we found out that when we changed my board we got ride of my license for XP. We tried to get a new one, but found out that the one we had was only good with HP mother boards. Great, So he left to get his Window 7 cd and another hard drive so I could save my stuff in a new clean os, and he'll be back to format my old hard drive and mirror over the clean install with all our stuff.

I was abit worried about the getting a new os, but my mom hasn't really noticed a difference yet. Ya I know. And since it's a bit like Vista, I wasn't in completely new territory. I'm starting to like it now.

I set up three profiles on it. Me, mom and Nika. Nika gets a nice restricted profile because her laptop will be going to the shop to fix the monitor connection problem. The same goes for Jo's since her power plug is going the same thing. Now I have to add my own on another day because my keys aren't working well. Right now I can't the space bar at all and get a space. And my right shift keys seemed to have gone south also. It have served three people and two of them were in the desert.

Ok, back to Saturday.

I had set my alarm to wake me up at 11am I think, but I just turned it off and went back to sleep. So I woke up way later then I would have really liked, but I still thought that it was early enough to get what I wanted done. Which were, by the way, to send back the two computer parts and to get to get the bag of cloths I had to the recycle place at Grand Army Plaza.

I ended up finding the flier I had for them after I came back that told me that they folded up their table and tent at 4pm. I left after 4.

So after I didn't find them and ended up spending $10 on a bottle of pumpkin butter and a bottle spiced apple preserve, I went to find UPS. I thought that I only had like 30 mins to get there and I wasn't sure how far down Flatbush it was, but I found it very good time. Then I took the bus to the Goodwill store down on Livingston. I gave them the bag and asked what they did with the stuff they couldn't sell. Everything I had was clean, but I didn't think they sold underwear and that is why I was taking the bag to the recycle place in the first place.

The person I asked couldn't say that they recycled them since I didn't think he knew, but I could just hope that they won't be truly thrown out.

Speaking of not throwing things out, my mom has this huge 19 inch CTR monitor and wants to get ride of it. She got a flat panel to take it's place years ago, but I refuse to toss it. It works very well. It's just big. So the guy who is helping me with the computer is going to take it off my hands. It sounds like he builds computers for people and he could use the monitor and a bunch of other computer parts that my sister found for me to play with. I made a computer of someone with some of the parts, but I can't remember what happened to it.

Well I had hard drives, memory sticks, pci cards, optical drives and the big monitor. He's taking all of it along with the old computer case. I hope he has a place that he could send what he can't use to get stripped for the metal such.

Oh, the mother board in the old computer did blow. It was time.

As for my original problem, I'm going to wait until just before I have leave hoping that a $1 ticket comes back up either to or from Boston.

Well see ya next time. :)

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