May 15, 2010

I know now..

That this is a lie.


I would have thought, “What Gives?” but then some nice lady added me and my story to her alert list. I then go to my traffic page and I see nothing. This says that no one has been to my pages since sometime Thursday, but this lady had looked at, at least one of my chapters and liked what I wrote to put me on her alert list.

So I should tell Pam that she did tell me “I told you so,”. In time. :)

I’ll have to get around to doing at least one thing today, which involves me leaving the house some how.

Oh, before I leave. I had a little outing yesterday with Tanzi. She was in ‘NY’ for a week or so and she’s heading back to Seattle now. NY is in ‘’ because she was jumping around the east coast too. Maryland, Washington DC and ofcouse here in NY.

We hung out yesterday with Hayden. If I knew that my mother wouldn’t have disowned me and kicked me out on the street, I would have gone out dancing last night with Hayden and his friends that we met up with after the ‘poetry’ ready. 

The poetry that people use to think about, or still do for some, isn’t the poems that are recited anymore. It’s not all fluff and girly anymore, if at all. Everyone wants this edge to their work.

Well, I ended up walking a good deal of my way home last night. It was just after midnight when I started home, and you know how buses can be that early/late in the day.

One of the reasons I’m not running out of here is because I’m slightly afaide of putting my feet back into my shoes. They aren’t that bad, but walking in boots after having them on for while and still the walk before that that started you day off 6 hours ago would still be felt the next day. But like I said. I have to leave the house. I think I’ll dig up something that I can call breakfast, then get the code for one of my rebates and finish filling that out so I can post it and packing up one of the things I’m sending back and then back all that up with some clothes that I’m recyling at the green market up at Grand Army Plaza. The one thing that I have to do out side the house today.

Later.  :)

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