May 20, 2010

I've just been shot..... Not psychically.

Three or so days back I started reading this story over at Deviantart.

It was a dark erotic story and there were a few mistakes and I pointed them out. Now because I didn't gush over her work before and after my little note on a few things I saw wrong, she, her friend and now another person, have attached me. Even if her last message to me wasn't saying that I should stay away from her corner of DA I would have anyway. I'm getting out now, before I end up taking on a whole country.

I read four chapters, with each one I saw something and said something and asked a few questions. She could have just told me that I missed something and pointed it out to answer my question(s). Or say that I will understand later.

She was the one starting out harsh when I told her that she needed to have spaces between her paragraph because it was hard for me to read the way it was and she jumped down my throat about how it was due to DA's new site design and that she wasn't going to go back and fix it.

After that I was accused of just reading to find faults. AAHHH! So I said fine. Maybe it was me. Maybe there was nothing wrong with what she wrote and that I hadn't a clue what I was talking about, and invited her to read one or two of my stories that I had posted on DA and to have at them. Let me know what she thinks of them. I asked her to tell me everything I did wrong with my own story.

She then said that I was advertising. ADVERTISING!!!!!

I told her that I didn't need to advertise and that when I read I see stuff and I comment on what I see, and I got back a comment from a new person saying that I shouldn't read if I can't find enjoyment in it.

What The F**K?!!!! I can't see mistakes? I'm not suppose to let them know that something is wrong? I'm suppose to just read and move on? Like some drugged up dingbat that is just happy they read something?

I ended it there. But now I can't read something and just leave an honest comment of what I found without feeling like I'm doing something wrong, or questioning what I read in the first place.

My week was going fine until this came up.

I got my grade for my drafting class and my last draft's score on Monday. I got a B on my last draft and my whole class grade was an A. I got a bunch of stuff done, found some old friends from back home and got an e-mail address to keep in touch. Then I got help with my desktop issue, and we had to send back the motherboard  and ordered a new one in exchange.

Then on Tuesday I helped my sister with something she wanted help in the rain, wind and cold weather. It should have been miserable but it wasn't that bad even if was walking around midtown for over 3 hours. Then I got to see Iron Man 2 and over all I enjoyed it.

On Wednesday I went meet up with a friend to see my teacher in another school that she teaches at. We sat in on presentation day for her class. We got there a little late because it was further away then we expected, but it was interesting. I think it would have been better if the students had fully completed their projects. But I think I learned something. After that I just rode around on the buses for a bit.

Today was my day off. No jumping around and not spending any money for at least one day and sleeping in until I was ready to get up. Which happened to be about 3pm. Which isn't that bad since I was up until sunrise again. Then I read that! :( It has been happening over a two day period and I give up. I'm walking away.

They even tried to say that when I asked what rothfl, I think, was, I was playing beyond dumb. That there is no way I could have been at DA for 8 years and not know what it meant. This was the new person. I know two. lol and brb and once in a while I shorten Deviatart to DA and Fanfiction to FF but that's it. I type out all my other words and most of the people who I talk to on line also spell out their words.

I just know that I'm bickering with some snot nose 14 year old who thinks that she's not wrong.

But this is it. This is my rant and I'm not saying anything else about this after I send this message, no matter what other new point I find out. I don't care for this at all. I'm sure I'll be getting two or so more replies but I won't answer them. I won't continue this fight. I won't get flagged over this.

So. How was your week?

The New Busy is not the too busy. Combine all your e-mail accounts with Hotmail. Get busy.

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