August 08, 2010

Touching Base

I'm good. Still awake, as you can see. I'm working on trying to finish the next chapter. I'm just not sure how far I should go. I can end it at two points. One point would have me finishing this chapter in like two hours with a read through and corrections. The other one will have me going for another day or so and it will be one of my longer if not longest chapter.

Other than that, I've been fighting mosquitoes and loosing. My brother showed up yesterday (Friday). He will be in city for a month. My cousin was gone again for another week, but is said to be back this Monday. My mom's friend is here. The same lady I stayed with when I went to Philly. She came Friday night and she will be leaving tomorrow (Sunday) I'm told. I tried sleeping on the air bed, but I hate it, so I'm staying awake tonight until someone wakes up in the morning and I can have their bed. If I can't hold out for that long then I'll crash on the floor. I won't be using the bed even if I wanted to, because we gave it to my brother just now. He's staying at our dad's and he needed something to sleep on for the month he's there.

So my sister is going to get another bed for my cousin who is coming back on Monday.

Oh, and I have get a new keyboard for the desktop because my niece left her drink on the table about above the pull out keyboard and my mom knocked it over onto it and they had to take the one I was using for my laptop since my own keyboard there needs to be clean and is misfiring some keys. Something that I'm going to ask BestBuy about. I might as well get it over with and just go and ask them tomorrow. :)

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