August 12, 2010

My search ends here. No one sells silicone keyboards in any of the places that looked. Not Bestbuy, Radio Shack, Staples and now Apple. I will have to buy it/them online.

I was thinking of getting two. One for my mom so water wouldn't kill it too soon and get rid of one of the recovers she has and one for me so it won't be too heavy for me to move around with.

Oh, incase you didn't get it, the keyboard on my laptop isn't working again. It seems that it is broken. To have them replace it would cost me $130. That is not happening since I just paid them $32 to have it cleaned, which did nothing by the way.

I'm now heading home with a full tummy and less money than I would have liked.

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  1. i wish i've read it sooner...i had a silicone keybord i don't need...:D okay okay the shipping costs wouldn't be that great :D:P
    and so sorry for disappearing seems things getting out of my hands...:S