August 27, 2010

The End Of Last Week

My week was ok. More interesting near the end as my text to you hinted at.

I walked around a mostly closed mall at sunrise, then took an express to Manhattan to go to china town to get some steamed buns, and I got some fried turnips and some stirfried rice noodles with vegges and egg. Then I swung by my school about those last two books that I need for classes. I got the go ahead with one of them, but the book is unknown for the other one. I may end up getting that come the day of class from their book store. A foreseen price tag of $100.

Then I went to talk to my bank about sending me a replacement card for the one I can't find. Then because I kept on talking, he set up payable accounts in my online banking account then proceeded try and get me to take/have one of their credit cards. It was after 12 and my mom started to ask me from her seat half room away, if I was going to spend the whole day there. So I told him that I couldn't decide to get a credit card now when I've refused to get one for the three years I've been here.

So he's sending it in the mail to me, long with stuff to read. If I want it, I will activate it, if I don't want it I could just tear it up with my other card offers. The only reason I didn't say outright no, is because he caught me with saying that I wouldn't have to pay the amount of interest that I was now paying for the next 6 months. But I still have issues with that or I might have said yes.

Today I was up until 8am I think... maybe 9am, I watched Angle and Charmed this morning, but I was cleaning before that. Swept 3 rooms, cleaned out cat litter, cleaned up the kitchen and 'oven offed' the stove top.

So I didn't wake up until 7:40pm. People have been waking me all day for stuff, but I didn't give up the fight until then. I came on line after my mom finished reading the bible and doing her Sabbath school lesson with her friend on the phone. She told me that I couldn't come on the computer, and I told her that I wasn't going to Look at the ceiling all night. I was going to go on line.

And here I am writing you. BTW I didn't like this keyboard. Did I say that before? Let me say that again. I don't like this keyboard. I haven't written anything in a while. I'm sure my friends expected a chapter from my by now. I realized that when I rolled over tonight. Along with the fact I missed Jeopardy. I wish someone had woken me up for that.

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