August 30, 2010

They Did It...

I got a notice from my bank saying I got a mail from them. I know it sounds odd, but this way, I'll never expect or believe that an e-mail asking for some things from me, looking like it's from my back, is from my bank.

Either way, I went there to see what it was, but I found something else far more interesting waiting for me.

That guy, from the bank that I talked to last week signed me up for the card. I have a Slate Chase Card with $1000 credit.

Did I ask for a credit card? Was I not clear? Didn't he tell me that it was up to me if I wanted it after he sent me information and the card?

Maybe I'm over reacting. Maybe this is part of it. Maybe if I don't activate the card, the account would dissolve. Or maybe he thinks I will keep it?

But now that I see it there, I feel like I already have it. Now what will I do?

I've been sitting here thinking about it. That alone proves I can use it for something.


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