November 04, 2010

My day was mostly ok. So I woke up in bumps and itching. My room was clean, I had my clothes laid out for the day. The lady fron Healthfirst couldn't make it so I didn't have to get up for that and she's coming tomorrow at a later time so I still don't have to wake up early. So I wasn't as early as I would have liked to school. In the end I got what I wanted drawn and handed in. Where did myday go so bad that I'm spending $15 for goog asian food? The teacher said to do it again. I have to m:e it pretty. Well he said something else and since I still can't spell such a simple word I won't try away from a spell checker. So now I have to figuer out haow to make what I have look good. Appeling. Maybe if I had a clue how to do that I wouldn't feel so bad. My head just hurts and to think I was thinking of doingmath, not till tomorrow at the earliest now. Later

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