November 20, 2010

I Won! I Won!

I still have my money. 

I just got home from being out and I just ate my nice lamb and rice dinner with my side of China town sweets and I remembered to go check my bank account and the numbers didn't seem right. So I checked and checked and read and got my calculator out and in the end I realize that I spent a little more than I expected while I was out and that I had retained my $87.13 that those people were trying to get from me on Friday. 

YEAH! I Did It! Yes! I fought and won. *grinning like mad* 

That just made my day. 

I have pics, I got to where I had to me more on time than I thought I would even though I took the wrong train. I saw some interesting things, got some good food, got to hang out with a few friends saw a pretty ring that I may get for my friend if she ever answers my text.

It's not the kind of ring you are thinking about. It's not a small shiny thing. I like it. It's a nice black metal with two levels of petals with green stones in it. I have a pic of it on my phone. If she says she likes it, I'll go back and get it from here. I found it on Canal Street. It's going to cost $12, but it's ok. Next year we may not be in touch anymore. 

I'm thinking of really getting one for myself and I don't wear jewelry. :) 

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