November 24, 2010

I hate them. I offically hate them.

My little victory shout was them paying possum. 

I go to check my yahoo mail, that my bank uses and I sees a notice telling me that I'm under a certain amount. I set that little alarm bell so I would know when to stop spending when I used this account more. 

Either which way. I wondered how could that be? I had almost $2oo the other day. If I was anywhere, it was just under $100, so I go over and check and for a while I though that all my little buys and getting one to many cash backs is what did me in, then I looked further down to make sure and I see the $87.13. It was taken out on the 22nd. 

I bet you, I bet you, that happened because they realized that they charged me too early and pulled it back until it was time to 'legally' charge me. But it still won't work. Unless that teller lied in the report she sent them, it will be on record that I called in time to push my trial time up and that I canceled it too. 

I don't care it's thanks giving in two days. I'm calling Chase and starting this thing later this morning when they are open. I will have my money back my Christmas. 

Thieves and liars.  :(

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