September 01, 2011

Yeah It’s Been A while.

Firstly, I didn’t loose power, or got flooded, or was scared out of my wits by the high winds.

Secondly, I barely felt the earthquake. It was all the way down in VA, but I did feel it. It was news even though half of us didn’t feel it at all. I just wish I heard some news coming out of that state as to how bad it was for them. For me it was a wobble.

A wobble that I hoped didn’t mark the lack of will the building had to keep standing. I got my attention because my bed felt like it was imitating water. I got up, and put something on incase I had to run out, but as I finished, it stopped.

Then I forgot about it until the lady from next door came over making noise like the world as at an end and complaining that she can’t reach anyone on the phone.

I called my mom and it said that the network was busy. So I told her that, and went back to watching tv. She continued to go on and on over it. I tried to block her out as much as I could.

Thirdly, said woman came over, caused issues, then threatened her kid over something, and that just sent my other two sisters over it. Even my mother told her that if she hit that child for asking to play with my niece, she would hit her.

There was so much screaming going on in here. I wouldn’t be surprise if the other apts stopped and paid attention to what was going on over here. And then, one of my sisters, who really, really doesn’t like anyone beating kids at all, was really, really not happy with what she was saying so she called the cops on her.

Mom did not like that at all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so upset ever. She didn’t think that the lady (K) would have really hurt the girl. The cops showed up. K called another (friend), and she called mom, and mom goes on a titrate again, so the sister that called the cops went out and said something to kinda make it go away. They just told her she shouldn’t be making such calls when the city was getting ready for the storm.

Oh… fourth adventurer, I went out in the ‘storm’ before it really hit. I went to and old school friend in his new place. So new it only had pop corn and liquor in his pantry. Smile and he expected to cook me lunch. Well he did mange something with a box of pasta, some box of crushed tomatoes and a brussels sprouts. Smile It was good, but I think next time we will eat out. Smile 

We then walked home in the rain. It wasn’t raining when I told him I was heading out, but he said that he wanted to walk me home and he felt like getting out. After he fixed his bed with way too many covers and took a bath, it had started to rain. I’m glad that I brought my big umbrella. Smile 

Well have to give the desktop up.

Later. Smile

Oh, one last thing. I’m like a chapter away from finally ending my Inuyasha yaoi fanfic. Smile Three years. I have been at this for over there years.

I’m posting chapter 81 tonight over at

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