September 29, 2011

Nearing The Weekend

Well for the whole week I have been getting to school between 12pm and 2pm and drawing. Until yesterday it was for one class, which I didn't finish by the way. But besides not finishing, he didn't seem other wise displeased by it.

From yesterday I started on the other class that I have a very large amount of drawing to do for. I showed up around 2 today because I didn't have a class tonight. It was canceled. I have yet to read anything and I've got 4 chapters and questions for each chapter to complete. :(

Tomorrow I'm going back in and working on what I left off on. I think I an really going to have most of it done tomorrow, so I can switch back to the other one before I leave. The other one I'm hating. The one I have to start on. I hate stairs. Hate them. But I have to design some in the craftsman style.

I have to get there before 12 tomorrow because the school closes early on Friday, and they will not be open on Saturday. So I can't do any morning drawing. This is when I'll be doing my third drawing class work. Perspective, angle, shadows, and entourage times 2. I have to do over what I did last week. My angles/perspectives were off for some things.

Well, besides drawing and getting..'lead' on my hands, I got a new bag to hold my stuff in. The last one had holes in it and my lead holder almost fell out. Odd name. It's a mechanical pencil for architects. :) I shared my coupons for subway and Burger King. Yesterday I got a 6" sub, drink and chips for $3. Today I got a foot long for $4.70 or so. Under $5. Tomorrow I'm going to use my last $1.99 coupon. I will pay $3 after taxes but it's still great.

I also walked into a class I already took to see what was going on to rest my eyes. I'm going to need glasses soon. Since the end of last semester I knew it was going to happen. I can see, I just can't look at somethings for long and using the scales, you call them rulers, tend to make it worst.

Either way, I think the class sizes are down. But in most of our classes we hear all our teachers saying that we are their biggest class ever. We ranged between 12 and 19. I had my first small class this semester. In Rendering Class with the angles shadows and such. We have 7 people. The class I hung out in had 6.

Anyway, I'm home now. I'll have to get up at 10 so I can be out by or before 12pm. I will need the whole afternoon to make it look like I worked on the something. next week I'll have to start showing up at the school at 10 am or earlier. Not looking forward to that. ... I stayed back to school didn't I?

Skype. I'm on skype. I was checking it out for my mom since she is going to Canada tomorrow, and with calling people she needs a cheep way to do it and AT&T doesn't do cheep for Canada never mind roaming. I wish there was a way to turn off 3G like how you can turn off wireless.

Well I got her an account and I'll remind her about putting money on it before she leaves. I'll have to have my skype while she's gone so she can call the 'house'. She is also taking the iPad with her. So no more school access for me. I need to get some songs to add to my play list now.

A whole month! :( Yes I'm upset about loosing the iPad for that long. It's great for research. :(

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