September 16, 2011

The Week Is Over...

As in I don't have class on Fridays. Which is great for when you need time to do your projects.

I have three 'drawing' classes and one book/reading class this semester. There was a slight hiccup with one of them. They had me written down for design 2 class and I had never laid eyes on the first one yet. It turned out to be a good thing that class one and two were combined this semester.

I have something of a drawing to post from my first class, just hate showing how bad it is. My first teacher doesn't think that drawing, in and of itself, is talent. The talent comes from choosing what to draw and how you want to draw it. Since I still suck at drawing, I don't really believe him.

Since I didn't have a class today, I made myself write on the last chapter of 'Together'. I wrote just over 3 pages in one go. Before I went to bed, I fought the urge to end the chapter there and start a new one.


Since there will be no extra chapters, it will be about 7 or so pages by the time I'm done. I had one page finished when school started, and I hadn't touched it since I posted the last chapter last week. So now I'm up to 4 pages. I should have it finished by the end of next week. That reminds me. I have to go post the next chapter over at FF . net. I'm behind there. I wanted to post every other day or so there. So I'm back by 5 or so chapters.

I'm rendering now, like I was doing last night. I said that I was going to try for this week's fractal contest over at DA. Two weeks back I had made three to pick from, but I forgot about the dead line and didn't post anything in the end. I'll set an alarm this time to make sure I don't miss it. :)

I just got back from BestBuy. I went to take back a keyboard that my mom spilled water into. I found the last one to exchange it for, but I didn't have my photo ID on me, so I couldn't leave with it. So I have to be there by noon to get it, or it goes back on the shelf.

Well here is to the weekend and the homework it brings.

Oh, my brother is back for a while, so he wants to go out with me. So I think I'll be out a bit Sunday night watching a movie with him. It's only because he won't be here for 3 years when he leaves again in a few weeks.

Later people.

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