February 09, 2017

Apple bread pudding

It deflated a little. But still looks good.😊

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**Update. :) Feb 12th, 2017

Both puddings are good, but I made the mistake of eating this one first. It was much better than the next one and made the other bread pudding taste not right. Once I got the apple one's taste out of my mouth, I realized that the other one wasn't bad at all, just a little too much cinnamon which was my fault. I dropped a little too much into it when it was being made.

So I'm making this again in about two weeks. :) Oh, I used hamburger buns. :) The potato kind. I learned, from my sister who went to the baking convention, that potato bread is something that is only seen in New England. Cool. I thought I would find it anywhere in the US until then. I guess normally hamburger buns would work too. Not the stuff that goes flat if you hold them too hard. The ones with substance please if you want to try that recipe.


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