February 08, 2017

Yeah, I've been silent for a while

Not that I haven't thought about writing.  I just don't seem to make it to this page to jot it all down. But then I also think it's not worth writing about and I let it slide.

In fact, I can't remember most of it.

I think there was a cake thing. I helped my sister with a multi-coloured cheese cake because she was tired and needed sleep, and I got one stepped mixed up and she screamed at me for like half an hour and around the same time I stayed up to write her a letter to get notorized, without much input as to what to write to have her mark all over it the next day. I had kinda expected that, but tacked on the cake tantum is what kept my mood sour.

Last week, for two days I thought that Thursday was Friday. I asked the child's mother if she was off tomorrow, thinking tomorrow was Friday and she said she had work. On "Friday" I was looking around for Grimm and couldn't understand why I couldn't find it. My sister came home on the same Thursday when I thought it was Friday and I was cooking dinner for that day and to have extra for Saturday. We don't really cook on the weekend, so I was getting some done so she wouldn't starve, live on cereal or call for pizza or Chinese food, with is just wings at this point for her. I actually get the food when ordering. :)

This Monday I was up for the whole day. Not 24 hours, but I woke up around 7am or so, and I stayed up and awake until I don't know when. Somewhere between 11pm and 2am I was falling asleep and laying my head on my hands that quickly went numb on me making me go to bed and not thinking it was that late or wondering how it got that late. The next day I couldn't really drag my butt out of bed. that always happens when I do the daylight hours. Whenever I'm awake, when people think I should be awake, I end be being wiped of all my energy. I don't know how you guys can be up so early every day and be up or so long. But then I'm awake for the same if not more hours, when I sleep in the daytime and up at night and I'm fine. I just have to cope with daytime hours for getting some stuff done. :)

I think I had at least one food photo that I didn't post just because I didn't want to be one of those people, even if this isn't Twitter or Instagram or Facebook.

Speaking of food, my sister had started to take steps to selling her baking. We both looked cards because despite her shouting at me, people were still staring and asking about the multi-coloured cake. Everytime she heads to work with her see through cases she get's looks and some questions. But this time she wished she had cards to hand out so they could contact her for something.

Well, we couldn't agree completely on a card. She showed me a card. I liked it, she changed too much, I no longer liked it and hated her font choice. But she got a phone number through google and new e-mail and she looking into something else online to advertise her baking.

Oh, Monday I wanted to go buy a few things, then I decided to buy 'locally'. That meant I waited until the girl got home and we walked up the hill to the only decent grocery store around here to get some potatoes to make mash potatoes and one box of pasta and a few other things. But I need lactose-free milk and new reading glasses. One of the handles broke off yesterday. So I have to head to ShopRite and Dollar Tree that is across the street from ShopRite today.

Oh, I get to be out for a while today because the girl's father is here for the day. So I don't have to rush back for 3:30. Yeah. But I have been waiting for two days for a new fridge to show up. Not for us, but for upstairs. Their fridge died on Sunday I think, if not Saturday. She called the landlord, who turns out to be Panama again. So his daughter came to have a look, like she would be lying about something like that, and one was suppose to show up Monday/Tuesday, or so I was told and was look out for it. So far, no new fridge, but I told the dad that it may show up today and that I was going out and my concern over their floor/apt not having a door bell. They do need to talk to the landlord about getting one.

Why is he called a landlord? We aren't renting land from him.

Anyway, I have to go take a bath soon and spend some time hydrating my skin, but I feel like doing some online organizing of one of my accounts for something before I go there. I hate being wet in this apt. So drafty and cold, but I have to today.


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