February 16, 2017

FW: [tumblr] Re: Something else

This is my drama with Tumblr and trying to have it show my art blog in it's search results.

Not going so well as you can see.

As for the links on my blog and the example I gave her, it's to DA (Deviantart) and I have seen posts like that all over Tumblr.

I've very sure it's due to the fact that it's not my default/first blog. But can I pull up roots now and start all back over??


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Kat (tumblr)
Feb 15, 8:57 AM EST

Thanks for the example. That post contains external links, which can prevent a post from showing up in search results. To make sure your posts show up, I recommend removing external links.


Jhoy E. Me
Jhoy E. Meade
Feb 11, 8:50 AM EST
Hello Kat,
1, Some of what I'm looking for has been posted for month if not years.
2, I have toggled the lock back and forth. It does change what I see, sometimes, but since what I'm looking for is safe for work, it wouldn't be filtered out or back in. But I do see a post that went up on my NSFW blog that explains why I changed the name of my NSFW blog so that people would fine my art blog instead when doing search for 'Jem' or 'Jemgirl'.
3, I checked it on day one, if not two, of creating my blogs and I've checked them since. As recently as last week.
4, For my art blog, I am the original poster for a lot of it.
5, I have three examples of 'Fractal Twins' on my art blog. I did a search on Tumblr's main search page and I got two posts and one blog and neither is mine. And like I said above, my posts are days, weeks, months and years old.
6, I have done a tag search and only three of over 50 of my posts show up. When I change the tag to something more common, I haven't seen any of my posts, but a mix of mostly 4-6 tumblr blogs with few others mixed in and they are displaying posts that are far newer than what I have, and if date was the issue, I have others posts that are newer than what is being displayed also.
7, First five tags? That will be something for me to look into. I thought the more tags, the easier it would be to be found. Ok, I did a search with just one or two tags from a recent post. In a normal search with hashtags in front each word I went all the way to the end of both most popular and recent and the photo I was looking for wasn't posted. Clicking on one of first five tags is just… a bunch of repeats that are in their right an original post. But that just buries my one post that went up a day ago. Anyone finding me this way would be a miracle of timing.
8, I need to have the links I do and I have found during going over your points here, that other posts with links to the same site didn't imped them from being listed in all the searches I did. So I don't think my links are a problem. By the way, most are to Deviantart, with a few to Redbubble, Fine Arts America and Etsy.
So, outside of the order of my tags, I believe that my blog(s) has somehow been bypassed.
Here is one of my most recent posts, from my artblog, for you to test.
It was posted Feb 10th, 2017 at 11am.

Kat (tumblr)
Feb 10, 9:33 AM EST

If something's missing from search or tag pages, make sure you:
·         Give it a minute to show up. Sometimes it takes a while for information to propagate across servers, so there could be a little lag between adding or removing a post and seeing the change reflected.
·         Have content filtering turned off via the lock button on the search results screen, if your blog is marked NSFW. An open padlock means that NSFW content is shown, a closed one means it's hidden. In the mobile apps, make sure to drag the filters bar (top, recent, etc.) all the way to the left to find the lock.
·         Check that "Allow this blog to appear in search results" is enabled on that blog's settings page.
·         Were the original poster, as the original post will show up rather than any reblogs. So if you reblogged a post and tagged it, you won't be able to find your reblog on that public tag.
·         Haven't been posting too often on a particular tag or search page. If you've made multiple posts in a given public tag, only 3 will show up per page of that tag.
·         Have scrolled down far enough. If you're looking for your post on a very active tag, it could already be far down on the tag page. You may need to scroll for a long time to get your post, if hundreds of other people are posting items with that tag too at any given minute of the day. If you use your mouse to hover over the top right-hand corner of any post, where the little corner flips down, you'll see the time that the post was published appear. Note when you published your post, and then you can use those timestamps to scroll all the way back to where your post should be.
·         Added five or less tags to your post. Only the first five tags will be indexed in public Tumblr searches, and the first 20 tags on your post will be indexed on your own blog's tag pages.
·         Removed any links to external sites, as some links may cause photo posts to be hidden from search as part of a larger effort to prevent spam on Tumblr.

If you still believe your posts aren't appearing at all, please send me a link to an example post from your blog, and describe to me the date and time that you posted it as well as the link where you're expecting to see it.


Jhoy E. Me
Jhoy E. Meade
Feb 3, 11:49 AM EST
Hello Ben,
I'm not talking about a-sos, I'm talking about a-tw. My second tumblr. My non-default tumblr. My art, safe-for-work tumblr.
And for the record, even with the content filter turned off, I'm not finding my posts in searches where I should have at least one result from my NSFW tumblr, not to mention a few.
But for now, I want work on my second tumblr. A-tw (A Tilted World).

Ben (tumblr)
Feb 3, 9:07 AM EST

since your blog is flagged as NSFW, you'll need to use content filtering to find it in search results.

Content filtering can be toggled on and off via the controls on the search results screen. In the mobile apps, tap the little lock that appears when you press and drag the filtering options (like top, recent, etc.) to the left. On the web, just click the little lock. An open padlock means that NSFW content is shown, a closed one means it's hidden.

Once locked or unlocked, that setting will stick across multiple searches until you change it again.

I hope this clears things up, and please let us know if there's anything else you need.

Tumblr Support

Jhoy E. Me
Jhoy E. Meade
Feb 3, 3:18 AM EST
I have two blogs, but other than finding my second blog by name, I can't find it in any kind of search. I even added #jemgirl to all my personal fractals and photos that I made, and it's still not showing up. But the post I placed on my main blog is coming up in the search that I posted the same day.
I do repost some posts from Tumblr there, but most come from another site.
I can't fav anything with that account. As far as I can see, it just defaults to my prime account for all comments and following of other sites.
I would love to have separate following lists for the two blogs, but right now I'll setting for having my second blog show up in search results. I have been carefully tagging all my posts and I don't see any of that helping me.
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