February 09, 2017


The guy from across the street just spent over half an hour trying to leave his house.

He slid into our driveway and he almost hit a parked car for the house next door.

Then when I thought he gave up, he went inside to get a roommate, really a housemate to help him.

They twist and slide for another 20 odd mins. The landlady for next door shows up and offers her shovel. The guys had one just 5 mins or so before.

I leave to take out my apple bread pudding and when I got back, I took this photo. The post was going to be about how even the birds knew he wasn't going anywhere as they sat in the middle of the street eating something. 😊

But the man really couldn't give up it seems. So the landlady gets in the diver seat, and her tenant helped push the car? Truck? Van? Whatever, with the car's owner and housemate, and they actually get the birds to move and they got the car past where they were feeding.

Ha-ray! They did it. Now what? I'm not trying to jinks him or anything, but if just moving his car 15 feet was so much drama, what will happen on his way up or down the hill he lives on? It's getting colder. This snow was already part ice.

I've given up going out again this afternoon for a number of reasons. A bag of rice isn't worth me getting in a bus crash or hit by a car that couldn't stop while I was walking by.

So, I will be posting pics of the two bread puddings I made. Yep, two different kinds. 😃 One is a cut bread custard pudding with cubed apples. The others one is a water soaked bread pudding that has raisins, craisins, and the last of my orange marmalade in lou of sugar.

Yeah, we had and still have a lot of stale bread. The soaked one took over 2 hours to bake. I doubled the recipe so it's very thick.

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