September 09, 2010

My Day

Nothing much really. I woke up at one, took a bath, got dressed, found the papers and cards that I need. Then waited for my mom to get home so that someone would be here when Nika got home from school. Then I went to bank, tried to find the guy that started me on this 'get a credit card' trip and he wasn't there. So then I felt jiped when I talked to this lady who at first didn't seem like she could give me that answers that I was looking for. But by the time she handed me over to the guy to get my letter notarized, she managed to answer somethings for me.

Then when I was done there, I didn't know where to go actually. My school was just down the street, and I still had one more book to buy for school. So after thinking about it, I texted my friend for the name of the book. So I'll look for it on line tonight. Oh, BTW, every bank I think. has a notary, so you can go there instead of paying someone on the street once you have account with that bank. :)

Ok, I walked into a cheep clothing store, and then walked back out without getting anything, but I did organize a few racks before I left. I couldn't take out what I wanted to look at without pulling others down. So I fixed it. Then I went to a catch a bus to the Atlantic Center to get some soy milk. I found a set of 4 pens and I found this pocket book and looked for three more so I would have one for each of my classes. I thought it would be a good idea not to have one big book to take with me to every class. Maybe my bag will last a little longer this way. :)

Then I went to get the milk. There was no soy milk. The thing was empty, so I got two different almond milks. I saw some bread, I got two different multi grains and went looking for a snack. I picked up a V8 on the way there. Yes, I was thinking of my story slightly. But I really picked it up because my mom said that she wants to drink more of that stuff and it was cheaper than I expected it to be. Then when I went to get a snack, some guy smiled at me and then hovered around me until he asked me if I was married.

I know that the supermarket is a good place to pick up people, but I wasn't looking to get picked up and I didn't think that he knew english all that well and he looked a bit unkept for me. So when he asked if he could talk to me I told him no. I felt kinda bad, but something about him wasn't right. So I looked around for a few more minutes, and left with my stuff. Then I had to think of how to get home again. The bus stop that use to be across the street is gone because they are building something over on that side of the street now. So I had to leave the other way to get to the subway.

So I was almost free of the place I remembered to get a body scrub. My sister got a scrub and I've been using it. So I had to get my own before she realizes. :) I spent too much. They had a buy 2 get 1 free thing. The major scrub was $24, the next one down was $14 then a lotion for $12. Ofcourse the $12 one was free.

Then I went down an escalator and down two stairs and up one other one to get to my train. Then up two more before I was back on street level. Then I read a chapter, answered mail, and took a nap. Now I'm up eating for the day and checking my mail and stuff again. :)

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