September 04, 2010

Off To Find A KeyBoard

I have left the building. :). I wanted to get at least 1 page written up before I left, and I got two. :) so the chapter so far is just over 3 pages long. I think we will see smut this chapter. :)


I'm back because I had to think long and hard as to why I left the house on Saturday night. It took me way to long to remember that I went to get a 'real' keyboard. I couldn't think the other one anymore.

I had made calls before I left the house about this keyboard that I saw on line at but when I called the second one over on 14th street that I was told that was only and online thing. Great, but she said that they had a number of other keyboards. So I decided to give them a look. I also checked out PC Richards. They also had a story on 14th street too, so I went there first since I knew that the Bestbuy store on 14th street was a 24 hour store.

I went in there and found a keyboard that I didn't expect. It has large print on the keys. I thought that it would be great for my mom since she keeps saying that she can't see the keys.

Didn't realize that I had to crop it. It's to late in the day to go back and fiddle with it since I want to be in before sunrise.

So I find this, I ask how much it is, and I'm told $15. Cool. I asked when they would be closing and I was told in 40 mins. So I said ok, and ran over to BestBuy and see what they had. I looked over their keyboards, and didn't see anything that told me to buy them, so I went back and got it, then went back to look at their mouses.

Half of the time I didn't know why, then I would remind myself what I was looking for. Either for one that took a long time to get new batteries. But it was really to get a newer kind of wireless one that looked more like this.

In fact, this is the one that I ended up picking, after looking everyone they had for almost an hour. I couldn't get the small laptop ones. My mom wouldn't have liked it being that small, but I couldn't get it. They had the display one, but they were out of stock. I could go and get it this weekend. The guy was saying that it should have been restocked the next day.

Oh, this boasted the two things I wanted. You don't have to change the batteries for about 2 years and that little thing that gets plugged into the computer gives you like a range of 50 feet at the most, but it would get ride of that receiver that I have sitting at the back of my keyboard shelf. We have had to pick it up off to floor so many times that it would be nice to change it out to this.

Then I was told to leave. I was wrong. They are 24 hours Monday through Saturday when they close at 10pm. They have something of normal hours on Sunday then they start a 24 /5 thing. :)

So on my way just to make myself feel good then bad, I bought some rechargeable batteries. I got some AA for like $17 then I went looking for AAA for the mice and anything else like the little flashlights we have. When the total came up, both the cashier and I thought it was wrong when it said $35.

Wow and here I was trying to not to buy the other mouse for $44.99.

Well I came home, tested out the keyboard on my laptop, and I moved it over to the desktop a few days later. I like having it. I kinda missed the clicking noise, but everyone else doesn't since I type so fast, to them, that it's a bit of an annoying sound to them.

Well too bad. I tried something else and it was a disaster.

Ok, I'm going to bed now.

The date and time is now Thursday 09th September at 5:47am.

See ya.

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