September 27, 2010

On The 2 Train.

I'm early today because I didn't stop to eat anything which slightly bugs me because I wasn't able to take my garlic pills. Maybe if I wasn't, to a point, trying to avoid the lady from next door, I would have gotten a bowl of something to eat. After all Phillys did get me Silk milk.

Last night did not find me in bed like I said. I ended up ironing Nika's clothes for school for the week and getting my bag ready for school, after Nika woke up at 7 is when I went to bed.

I am happy to report that I won this round with those flying needles. :) I am now on the #2 train heading for Hoyt St. I wasn't thinking that well and went to the wrong station. I was about to fix that when the 2 showed up, so I just used it. :)

Later people.

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