September 27, 2010

I can not win...

I'm really setting myself up for a fall. I've gotten really attached to this dumb card game on line. I have yet to win two hands. It's not a betting game. I don't bet. It's something called Thousand Island Solitaire.

I did remember to print something out for my class on Monday. And I have worked on my home work for my Friday class, I should have it finished well before then if I keep up at least what I'm doing now. I just have to worry about finding a tape measure so I can do my home work for Tuesday.

I'm working on chapter 26 for my story that I've having looked over by my friends for a few mistakes and such before I post it. I'm going to see if I post it after I have it covered in caution tape with age restricted fence all around it also. It's coming along quite well really and I should be finishing it up soon. I have also allowed my hands to touch and work on Inuyasha. I finished up a chapter and I started the next one. Sess's mother is now here. Yeah, that twist took me for a surprise too. Hey, I'm trying to move this along and she might just help.

I just found out that little Nika will not be going anywhere this week. Phillys has the week off, so I can leave when ever I want to, and not have to think of Nika or not hear my music for the day since I won't have to keep an ear and eye on her. Yeah.

The mosquitoes are still coming after me. I think I might be developing and allergy for something, so I've gotten some garlic pills. I use to take them when I was Seattle with Tanzi, and I stopped when I came back just because I ran out and had to start school. If I was thinking about it, I would have bought them again since my second semester when I had a little extra money.

I got them yesterday when I went to pick up a package for the lady that took Nika to church. I figured that I was already out the house and since I had an unlimited card I took the bus down town and picked up a non-dairy shake. I was looking for and immune booster one, but I didn't see it on their list, so I just got what it turning out to be my regular, ginger delight and got the pills that came in 100 count. I've taken two pills with my two meals for two days. I won't really feel much of anything for at least a week. Hopefully by then the mosquitoes will be dead.

I have never looked forward to winter until now.

I washed Nika and Phillys' non work clothes today, but I didn't get to doing anything for me because I had such a head ache. I couldn't even read up some background info on Sess' mother, and had to lay down.

I was talking to a friend a few hours ago, but I'm sure he's gone off to bed without remembering to say good night. I'm learning to live with it. One the other hand, I have another friend, over in Egqypt who waits for me to get on line so we can talk after he has already been up for like 16 hours working. I think. I thank him and I feel good when he stays up and talks to me. He even helped me with my strength and material class home work last week. He is very sweet.

Ok, it's 4:22 am so I should go to bed. I'll have to spray it down with bug spay then bush my teeth and then come back and spray under my bed before going to bed. That way I get a few hours bite free. I know, it's not that great, but I can't use the OFF too often. I feel funny when I spray it on me. So I'm laying off the stuff. The smell is starting to bug me too.

I know, no great news.

How about this? As you may have seen, I got a project. It's showing how to build a roof top garden. I've come up with a few things, I've signed up with this company for materials from them that show how they make one, but I have to look for other companies that do this also and see how they do it, what their products are and do a nice trip to Home Depo or someone like them to get sample material so do a small section and show the layers.

I've found out that they have different kinds of roof top gardens. When I saw this as a choice on the list the teacher handed out, I felt like I had to pick it. That came from when I saw this show on how to make cities greener and a story I wrote the outline for and he lives in a green building that had a garden every five floors, and when I did that, I thought about how it would work and now I will get to really find out. I never dug up anything on it, I was just putting together things I already knew and was slowly hearing about. Now I see how possible it is to do. I'll have to redesign my building to give it more light now, but I still want to draw that some day. :)

Ok, time has moved up to 4:40am. Sorry I will now be reading this over since I want to go to bed before 5am. I'm a slow reader and it sucks some times.

Let's see what pics I send in this week. :) This is also the last week my mom and sis will be gone. there goes my small measure of freedom.

Later. :)

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